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Quantum of Tweed: The Man with the Nissan Micra

Quantum of Tweed: The Man with the Nissan Micra - Conn Iggulden Originally reviewed at almightylewry.wordpress.com

This was on old little book, the main character, Albert was a clumsy, accident prone assassin, he reminded me of Bertie Wooster without the money.

The story starts with Albert accidentally running over a pedestrian and from that point his life is changed, what I don't get is how it almost immediately went from him running over the pedestrian to getting a call from someone offering him further "hits". I read this part a couple of times and I still don't get it, it is as if a whole chunk of the story is missing from the point he left the scene to the point he took up his new life.....very odd.

Apart from the plot hole above, it was quite a funny book, dealing with the situations he managed to get himself into and not actually having to deal with them. I got a sense of what was actually going on in Albert's head and it appeared to be a little all over the place.

I didn't really feel invested in Albert and really didn't care how the story unfolded after awhile. That being said it was a comical read and would quite easily see you through a lunch hour.