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Dotter of Her Father's Eyes

Dotter of Her Father's Eyes - Brian Talbot, Mary Talbot Originally reviewed on almightylewry.wordpress.com

This is a great mix between storytelling, biography, graphic novel and history lesson. I came across this at work, thought I would give it a try, I'm glad I did. It switches between Mary and Lucia and various poignant points during each of their lives and draws uncanny parallels between then. From reading this, I have learned something new today, I learned about James Joyce and his family struggles in the 1920's and on. I also learned about Mary's upbringing with a Joycean scholar, who was exceptionally hard and most of the time unpredictable towards her.

It shows how both Lucia and Mary's lives turned out and I wonder if there was a point that they could have both turned out exactly the same - except from the whole Nazi thing.

The illustrations were for the most part stark in their portrayal of Mary and Lucia, however with the overall tone of the novel they fit very well together. This is essentially a tale of lost dreams and rebellion in two very different era's, with two very different results.
This has definitely sparked my interest in Joyce, and will look to read some of his works in the future.