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Clouded Vision

Clouded Vision - Linwood Barclay Originally reviewed at almightylewry.wordpress.com

This is an engaging little quick read, I haven’t read Linwood Barclay’s work before, and I’m not really one for thriller writers, but I was surprised by this title and really enjoyed it. It was perfectly paced, the story covers 3 separate perspectives around a single incident and the aftermath.

Suspense oozes from the story and Linwood’s writing is descriptive and illusive in the same respect. It does a great job showing you the mind of a “psychic”. I put “psychic” in quotation marks because in my opinion there are no such thing, this book – is written as though Linwood’s and my opinion are the same.

The book takes place over roughly a three day period with most of the story happening over what could be an afternoon. The characters were all engaging and there was an equal focus on all the main characters throughout the book, which I found in this context a great way of presenting the story.

Even though I haven’t read any of Linwood Barclay’s titles before, he is definitely an author i would consider going back to in the future. Solid effort.