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Disappointing Assassin Fail

Throne of Glass - Sarah J. Maas

There is the same amount of  good with this as there is bad.  It starts out with Calaena Sardothein, only 18 and already the worlds most feared assassin, has been caught and is toiling away in the salt mines, one day captain Westfall drags her before the prince, it seems he has chosen her to be his champion in a competition to become the kings champion and with it her freedom.

I was expecting the story to revolve around the trials she was to compete in.  however this is not the case.  the main bulk of the story revolved around exploring her feelings and a ridiculous love triangle between her and the captain.  It rather destroyed the bad ass assassin image.  therefore assassin fail!!

She came across as a petulant intolerant love sick child, very unattractive, and I had to force myself to finish it.

There are however, a few redeeming features to this book, the fight scenes that made it into the book are great, very well paced and exceptionally well written.  The universe, it is set in has hints of being rich and extensive, but they were never really explored.

The world had been void of magic for a few years as the king banished it through brutal conquest, but the predictable twist is….no it hasn’t. Even though it was predictable I like a world with magic but only if it’s executed properly, and luckily this one incorporated magic in just the right way to spark my interested.

Over all it was OK,  great in some areas but crushingly disappointing in others.